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US and Saudi Arabia close to reaching agreement on security pact in Gaza Strip

US and Saudi Arabia close to reaching agreement on security pact in Gaza Strip The US and Saudi Arabia are close to reaching an agreement on a security pact (photo: GettyImages)

The US and Saudi Arabia are finalizing a deal to secure peace in the Gaza Strip, according to Reuters.

This is a long-term strategy that faces numerous obstacles, not least of which is the uncertainty about how the conflict in Gaza will develop. Participants in the negotiations between the US and Saudi Arabia are currently prioritizing a bilateral security agreement, which will then become part of a broader package presented to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"We’re very close to reaching an agreement" on the US-Saudi portion of the package, said US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller on Thursday, predicting that the details could be worked out very quickly.

This part of the plan is likely to require official US guarantees regarding the protection of the kingdom, as well as Saudi access to more advanced American weaponry in exchange for ending arms purchases from China and limiting Beijing's investments in the country.

The American-Saudi security agreement is also expected to include an exchange of advanced technologies with Riyadh, including artificial intelligence, according to people familiar with the matter.

The terms could be agreed upon within a few weeks, said a US official on condition of anonymity.

It is more likely that the terms Netanyahu will face for joining the broader agreement will include ending the war in Gaza and agreeing on a path to Palestinian statehood, which Netanyahu has staunchly resisted.

The normalization deal will also strengthen Israel's defense against its sworn enemy Iran and provide US President Joe Biden with a diplomatic victory ahead of the November 5 presidential election.

War in the Gaza Strip

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