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US and Japan discuss defense cooperation to aid Ukraine: Bloomberg

US and Japan discuss defense cooperation to aid Ukraine: Bloomberg Photo: US and Japan discuss defense cooperation (Getty Images)

The United States and Japan are discussing defense cooperation to assist Ukraine. This includes supplying ammunition and repairing equipment, according Bloomberg and Yomiuri.

As noted, allies are seeking agreements ahead of the meeting between US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in Washington. The meeting is scheduled for April 10th.

Media notes that a key theme of the summit will be exploring ways Japan can help expand the US arms reserves. While Japan has provided Ukraine with non-lethal and financial assistance, relaxing export restrictions could broaden opportunities for arms sales abroad.

Kishida and Biden are expected to deepen relations between their countries and explore ways to strengthen the defense equipment supply chain, particularly in light of China's growing influence.

According to media sources, Tokyo and Washington are considering expanding an agreement under which Japanese companies will regularly perform maintenance and repair on US military equipment. This includes US military ships and F-35 fighters.


Media reported that on December 22nd, the Japanese government will update instructions regarding the export of defense products. This will enable the country to supply its own manufactured weapons abroad.

This primarily concerns missiles for the Patriot air defense system.

It is important to note that Japan will not be able to transfer weapons to combatant countries such as Ukraine or Israel. However, this will provide the US with more opportunities to continue supplying Ukraine with domestically produced weapons.