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US allocates $482 million for Ukraine in new year's budget

US allocates $482 million for Ukraine in new year's budget President of the US, Joe Biden (photo: Getty Images)

Washington announced how $482 million will be allocated for Ukraine, according to the US State Department.

The allocated $482 million, along with additional requests for national security assistance, will help restore Ukraine's economy, strengthen its resilience and ability to defend against full-scale Russian aggression and ensure progress in the reforms necessary for Ukraine's EU accession.

To date, more than 50 countries worldwide have responded to the US call to allocate funds to support Ukraine.

What will the funds be used for

  • $250.0 million for economic and development assistance to support reforms in Ukraine, civil society, rule of law, and election integrity. This also includes programming to bolster economic growth, strengthen energy security, support EU accession, and fortify the resilience of the Ukrainian people by restoring critical public services across the country, particularly in liberated communities;
  • $95 million in security-sector assistance for FMF for immediate and medium-term capabilities to help Ukraine win the war against Russian aggression;
  • $71 million for health programs;
  • $66 million for other security assistance activities such as supporting civilian security and, the rule of law, and for demining and non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Another $999 million across Europe, Eurasia, and Central Asia will be used to counter malign Kremlin and PRC influence in the regions by building the resilience of our allies and partners, advancing democratic reforms, countering Russian disinformation, improving citizen’s access to factual and unbiased media, bolstering energy and cyber security, and stabilizing economies impacted by the conflict.

The requested $204.2 million for foreign military financing includes:

  • $150 million for the European and Eurasian Regional operating unit;
  • $9.75 million for each of the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania);
  • $25.0 million for Georgia.

These programs will continue to build the capacity of Allies and partners to defend themselves against Putin’s war of aggression in the region and help Allies backfill material and capabilities donated to Ukraine.

Aid from the US to Ukraine

The US has not provided military and financial aid to Ukraine for several months. This is because Congress has not allocated funds for this purpose.

Earlier, we reported that CIA Director William Burns believes that if aid is not provided, Ukraine risks losing more territory.

We also reported that, according to US President Joe Biden, the country will not be able to restore aid to Ukraine unless Congress allocates funds for this purpose.