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Upcycling: 7 ideas to give old clothes new lease of life

Upcycling: 7 ideas to give old clothes new lease of life What to make from old clothes (illustration: Freepik)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Old clothes that are too small or worn out are a common occurrence. Although the easiest way to use them is as rags, upcycling - the reuse of things - is becoming increasingly popular, according to the Real Simple website.

Tint blouses, dresses, and skirts

Light-colored items can fade over time, especially if you don't sort them when you wash them. The easiest option is to repaint them.

Nowadays, the choice of textile dyes is diverse, especially in art stores - there are bright fluorescent dyes, glow-in-the-dark colors, spray dyes, and powder dyes that are just added during the wash.

Change your pants into shorts

If you won't wear jeans of a certain cut, but still regret saying goodbye to them, you can shorten them to shorts. Moreover, it is not necessary to hem the edges - they can be left untreated.

Create hair accessories

Just like old T-shirts and blouses made of nice material, you can use the extra fabric after shortening your jeans to make hair accessories, such as bandanas, or soft elastic bands by sewing a rectangular piece of fabric into a "tube" and sewing the edges together, placing a sewing elastic inside.

Sew a bag or backpack

It's a great way to create an accessory of the size you want from any fabric or combination of fabrics, and of any look, starting with tote bags. And if you don't like to sew, you can create a simple bag by making small tassels at the bottom of the product and then tying them.

Make a blanket or pillows from clothes

If you have old clothes that evoke pleasant nostalgia, you can make a practical blanket, quilt, or pillows from them by creating a unique pattern from the scraps.

Turn socks into warmers or an anti-stress toy

Old long socks can still serve as a handmade warmer for muscles and joints. Fill them with dry rice, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and tie or sew the open end.

To use such a warmer, gently heat it, for example, on a radiator or remotely with a hairdryer. You can also make an anti-stress toy by filling a thick sock with flour or small cereal.

Make a scarf from an old sweater

Stretched sweaters can turn into cozy scarves. For a simple version, a collar scarf, you just need to cut off the bottom half of the sweater and hem the edge a little.

For a classic scarf, cut the sweater into strips of the desired length - and also hem the edges.