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Unveiling conscious delay in bedtime: Disrupting healthy sleep patterns

Unveiling conscious delay in bedtime: Disrupting healthy sleep patterns Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

Sleep is a crucial part of our health, both physically and mentally. When we don't have enough sleep, our body suffers. But there can be various reasons for this. Mental health blog Klepka Mental on Instagram discusses why we can't go to bed on time and how we disrupt our routine.

Why do we go to bed late?

There are many neurological reasons that affect sleep disorders:

  • Mental disorders that are accompanied by insomnia.
  • Situational factors that prevent falling asleep on time.

However, most often it's about behavioral habits that prevent us from falling asleep on time.

The first reason. We often turn late evening and night into a time for catching up, doing all the things we haven't managed during the day, or dealing with household chores.

The second reason. Late hours of the evening or night give us a feeling of freedom from the worries that filled the whole day. For some reason, this freedom is valued more than the opportunity to recover and rest fully.

The third reason. We spend time with our loved ones, friends, and family. Late hours of the evening and night often become the only time in a day when people, who are overwhelmed with work and worries during the day, can dedicate time to each other.

The fourth reason. Nighttime is the time just for oneself. We often sacrifice sleep to dedicate time only to ourselves, not to everyone around us.

The fifth reason. It's a specific feature of anxiety, a way for a person to regain control over their own time.

Unveiling conscious delay in bedtime: Disrupting healthy sleep patternsWhy we can't go to bed on time (Photo: Freepik)

So, there are certain reasons that prevent a person from relaxing at night and diving into a healthy, deep sleep, which would rejuvenate the body and help restore strength. Unfortunately, not everyone values this and prefers the time they can spend alone with themselves, their thoughts, and their tasks for which there's never enough time and energy.

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