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Unusual ways how to use black tea in everyday life

Unusual ways how to use black tea in everyday life How and where to use tea in everyday life (photo:

Do not rush to discard tea leaves and tea bags after use, as they can be utilized in various household tasks. Believe it or not, tea can become an invaluable assistant in many domestic activities due to its intriguing properties.

Here are some ways to use tea in your daily life, according to Ivona.

Removing unpleasant odors

Dry tea leaves excel at absorbing moisture and odors, making them ideal for use in footwear. For convenience, use tea bags – simply place them in your shoes overnight, and in the morning, enjoy dry, pleasantly scented footwear.

Wooden flooring

Wooden parquet flooring is undeniably beautiful but requires special care. Wooden floors, especially the color of the coating, can suffer over time. To refresh it, vigorously mop the floor with strongly brewed tea (5 tea bags per liter of water) after the regular cleaning routine. Ensure the tea is not too hot during the process.

Meat marinade

There are numerous ways to marinate meat, and chefs are always on the lookout for something new and simple to make the dish even more tender. Try a tea marinade. Brew 3 tablespoons of dry tea in 300 ml of water. Strain the infusion, add regular spices, and marinate the meat in this mixture for two hours.

For plants

Tea leaves contain nitrogen and other nutrients beneficial for plants. Place used tea bags in plant pots to improve soil quality. However, remember that plants prefer tea without sugar.


A tea bath has a relaxing effect. It is preferable to use tea bags for this. Take 4-5 tea bags and 3-4 drops of essential oil. This will leave your skin smooth and elastic.

Bags under eyes

Dark circles automatically make even the most beautiful eyes appear tired. Instead of patches, you can try a remedy our mothers used – a cool compress made from tea bags. Place them on your eyes for 10-15 minutes, then rinse your face with cold water.

Hair care

Black tea can be used as a natural hair care remedy. Rinse your hair with brewed and cooled tea to add shine and strengthen the roots.

Refrigerator freshener

Place 2-3 fresh tea bags in the refrigerator; they will absorb unpleasant odors and impart a subtle tea fragrance. Remember to replace the tea bags once a week.

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