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Unrest erupted, leading to mobilization of police occured in capital of Kyrgyzstan

Unrest erupted, leading to mobilization of police occured in capital of Kyrgyzstan In Bishkek, riots broke out following a brawl with foreigners (photo:

In the capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, there have been disturbances by residents against foreign students. The Bishkek police were put on alert, law enforcement officers dispersed the spontaneous demonstration, and order was restored, according to Kyrgyz media.

A crowd of residents searched for and beat foreign students and vandalized dormitories where they presumably lived. There were also reports of looting.

The entire police force in Bishkek was put on high alert, with officers setting up cordons on the streets and beginning arrests.

Later, it became known that law enforcement officers dispersed the participants of the spontaneous demonstration.

The reason for the riots was a brawl that occurred on the night of May 14 in the courtyard of a hotel near the local Alamedin market.

The participants of the brawl turned out to be foreigners, presumably from Egypt and Pakistan, who beat several residents. Because of this, the residents of Bishkek took to the streets to protect their own.

Protests in Georgia

In Georgia, mass protests have been taking place over the past few weeks against the draft law On the Transparency of Foreign Influence, which envisages control over foreign non-governmental organizations.

Thousands of residents of Tbilisi took to the streets in protest in the hope of preventing the adoption of the controversial document.

However, on May 14, deputies adopted the document in its final, third reading.

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