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Antidepressants: Myths, realities, and responsible use

Antidepressants: Myths, realities, and responsible use Is it harmful to take antidepressants (photo: Getty Images)

Ukrainians have recently been consulting psychotherapists and psychologists more frequently due to their mental and psychological state. Sometimes, doctors recommend antidepressants to patients, which often worries people and raises certain concerns.

Whether there is real reason to fear antidepressants and whether they lead to dependency is discussed by Oleh Chaban, a specialist in psychiatry, medical psychology, and psychotherapy, for the Sukhanov Talks program.

Does dependence develop from antidepressants

As explained by Oleg Chaban, modern antidepressants cannot cause dependence, so "getting hooked" on them is impossible. Taking them without control is categorically not advisable; they must be prescribed by a doctor.

Mass prescribing of antidepressants or taking them without a doctor's prescription is a bad idea.

How medications are chosen for patients

"I am against indiscriminately sprinkling antidepressants over the population from an airplane or helicopter. No. It's better to avoid medications altogether and do everything possible to avoid needing them. However, there are situations where medications are unavoidable. This is where professional help comes in. Only a psychiatrist can diagnose and prescribe medications. A family doctor can also prescribe medications," the expert notes.

He adds that there are many medications available, and only a doctor can select the right one for a specific syndrome. Each person also has their own genetics and other factors that these medications interact with.

"All other specialists can diagnose a syndrome, and even a family doctor can diagnose an emotional problem and suggest taking a relevant test. A family doctor can also prescribe medication, for example, if they diagnose you with an 'anxious-depressive syndrome'," explains Oleg Chaban.

He emphasized that self-prescribing antidepressants is never acceptable. However, if a doctor suggests a course of antidepressants, there's no need to panic or fear becoming dependent on pills.

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