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Underrated plant everyone should eat year-round

Underrated plant everyone should eat year-round Which plant is very underestimated (Screenshot)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Herbs usually have some health benefits or medicinal properties. Sage is also a very useful plant, according to Eating Well.

What is known about sage

Sage is a member of the mint family (Lamiaceae), as are oregano, thyme, rosemary, lavender, and others.

Sage contains aromatic oils that calm the nervous system, stimulate digestion, and support the immune system.

It is also a great astringent and antiseptic that can be applied topically to scratches, cuts, and rashes or to be used for sore throat.

How to choose the best sage

In the store, this plant is usually packaged in plastic boxes.

Whether you buy sage from a store or farmer's market or pick it in your garden, pay attention to the leaves. They should be a bright grayish-green color, without spots, with a strong herbal odor.

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Sage is very useful (photo:

Ways to use sage

Sage is most often added to dishes as a seasoning. The plant is most flavorful when harvested in summer and early fall. The herb keeps well, so it can be used all year round.

Since raw sage has a spongy texture, it is more pleasant to consume it cooked.


Sage is an herb that can be used all year round. You can use it to make sauces, meat, butter, cocktails, and more. When buying, look for leaves of a bright grayish-green color without flaws.

You can create a bouquet of sage from cut stems and place it in a jar of water in the refrigerator. This will help keep the leaves fresh and you will be able to add them to your dishes.

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