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Ukrainian Health Minister describes consequences of Okhmatdyt shelling: Over 50 injured

Ukrainian Health Minister describes consequences of Okhmatdyt shelling: Over 50 injured Photo: Viktor Liashko, Minister of Health (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)
Author: Daryna Vialko

As a result of the Russian missile strike on Okhmatdyt children's hospital, more than 50 people were wounded. Most of them are doctors, according to the Minister of Health of Ukraine Viktor Liashko.

A doctor was killed

He said that doctor Svitlana Lukyanchuk, who died during the missile strike, was helping to evacuate patients. She was hit by a burst wave.

Number of casualties

According to Liashko, medical workers during the attack were able to do everything possible to reduce the number of victims.

"We have more than 50 injured. Among them, two medical workers are seriously wounded. More than 40 medical workers received injuries of varying degrees. Also, there are injured patients, and now we know about seven injured children. Their lives are not in danger," the Minister said.


Liashko noted that the main goal was to evacuate patients who are on life support systems and cannot function without assistance.

"We evacuated over 600 patients. Among them, more than 100 were transferred to other healthcare facilities, including intensive care units and oncology hematology departments," the Health Minister added.

At the same time, he said, the Okhmatdyt team went to hospitals to provide medical care. There is no need to evacuate patients abroad.

Liashko emphasized that the damage caused by the Russian attack is being assessed. Tomorrow it is planned to launch the first building of the hospital, which is the main one.

Unique laboratory

The Health Minister confuted the information that the only laboratory in Ukraine for diagnosing oncological hematological diseases was destroyed in the shelling. It has been disconnected from the network, and discussions are underway about restarting it at other laboratories.

Debris clearance

At the same briefing, Ukraine's Minister of Internal Affairs, Ihor Klymenko, noted that there might be two adults under the rubble.

The Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs added that during the attack, all children in the dialysis building were in the shelter, as were those in other buildings. A total of 25 people died in Kyiv.

What preceded it

Today, on July 8, Russian forces targeted the Okhmatdyt children's hospital in Kyiv with a missile. As a result of this enemy attack, there are two victims and several injured.