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Ukrainian military uses 'elastic band' strategy to buy time before arms arrive - AP

Ukrainian military uses 'elastic band' strategy to buy time before arms arrive - AP Illustrative photo (Getty Images)

Ukraine has recently deployed an elastic defense strategy at the front, as it helps to buy time until the military is better armed and supplied, reports AP.

According to the article, citing the opinion of the military, making a painful choice to retreat to better-protected positions, Ukrainian troops can fight more effectively and save personnel.

“Time is in the favor of Ukraine and thus the rationale of an elastic band: You can cede a little territory and gain a little time. And then by the end of this year, Ukraine will have advantages that it’s never had before,” said Dylan Lee Lehrke, an analyst at IHS Jane’s think tank.

This strategy, according to AP, differs from the strategy of the battle for Bakhmut.

“We had to spread out our positions and our logistics, too. We are doing it a lot smarter now. But don’t jinx it," Ivan Sekach, spokesman for the 110th Brigade, told AP.

He added that the improved flexibility helped Ukrainian forces withstand the Russian offensive.

Situation at front

Russian troops are attacking along the entire frontline. They are particularly focused on the Donetsk region, which the occupiers have opened up other areas to capture.

As of June 15, the Russian military continues to put pressure on the Kharkiv direction. But the most tense situation remains in the Pokrovsk sector. Almost a third of the total number of combat clashes since the beginning of the day took place there.

At the same time, the majority of Ukrainians (51%) believe that Ukraine should fight until it liberates the entire territory to the 1991 borders. Another 12% say that it is critical to fight until the liberation of the territories lost since February 2022.