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Ukrainian military comments on WSJ report about 'deadly summer' at the front

Ukrainian military comments on WSJ report about 'deadly summer' at the front Illustrative photo (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

Over the last month, Russia has intensified its efforts in various areas. The number of battles has more than doubled, according to Nazar Voloshyn, a spokesman for the Khortytsia operational and strategic group of troops.

'Deadly summer'

The Wall Street Journal wrote that Ukraine and Russia are facing a "deadly summer," during which both sides will suffer heavy losses and may not be able to achieve a decisive turning point.

For Ukraine, the task now will be to hold its frontline positions with fresh Western weapons. In turn, Russia will continue to use its usual tactics: meat assaults for small successes.

What Ukraine's Armed Forces say

According to Voloshyn, compared to May, June was indeed very active and hot. Among the most active directions are Kurakhove, Kramatorsk, and Pokrovsk.
In total, more than a thousand combat clashes took place along the frontline.

"There were almost 1,952 combat clashes in June and 732 in the previous month. This means that the enemy has intensified its efforts in various areas," he added.

Voloshyn also said that the Russians had become more active in the Toretsk sector. Over the past week, the enemy conducted 114 attacks there but had no success.

"I will not give my own forecasts of this kind. Analysts and experts and, of course, the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine will provide data, facts, and figures. I will say that over the past week and the past month, the enemy's losses are considerable," Voloshyn said, commenting on the WSJ article.

Situation at front

According to analysts at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), the Defense Forces have regained previously lost positions near Kreminna and may have surrounded Russian paratroopers near the aggregate plant in Vovchansk.

The morning report of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) is available here.