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Ukrainian Intelligence сonducts 21 operations across frontline, retrieving surrendered Russian soldiers

Ukrainian Intelligence сonducts 21 operations across frontline, retrieving surrendered Russian soldiers Russian military (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

In its one year of existence, the "I Want to Live" project in Ukraine has organized 21 operations to extract Russian military personnel through the frontline, according to the project's Telegram channel.

A year ago, the "I Want to Live" program was launched, and during this time, Ukraine received 25,000 applications from Russian military personnel for voluntary surrender. In total, the project's website has been visited by over 48 million people from Russia and temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

Additionally, in Russia, the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media has blocked 256 domains of the project's website.

"Over this year, we have received over 25,000 applications for surrender. This has resulted in the surrender of 216 individuals," the announcement stated.

According to the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine, 21 operations have been carried out to extract military personnel from the aggressor country's army through the front line. In addition, there have been successful cases of military personnel from Russia defecting to the side of Ukraine with equipment.

It is also known that 1,072 individuals are currently in "waiting mode" and remain in contact with the project. They are waiting for their turn to be transferred across the front line.

"It is worth noting that after the successful operation 'Synytsia' ('Titmouse'), the number of inquiries from Russians continues to grow. Every day, through all channels, we receive dozens of applications from active-duty military personnel of the Russian army and beyond," the announcement stated.

Transfer of the Mi-8 helicopter from Russia to Ukraine

On August 23, rumors were actively circulating on social media that a Russian Mi-8 helicopter had supposedly flown into Ukraine and landed.

Online, there were claims that the helicopter's pilots had supposedly "lost their bearings and ended up on unoccupied Ukrainian territory," but by the time they realized where they were, it was too late.

Later, it became known that this was a unique operation by the Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.