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Ukrainian Armed Forces tested ground drones: Details

Ukrainian Armed Forces tested ground drones: Details Photo: Ukrainian military tested Makhno ground drones

Ukrainian military conducted trials of multifunctional ground drones. They were named Makhno, according to the Armed Forces of Southern Ukraine.

"In the 108th Brigade of the Troops, trials of ground drones were conducted. The trials were successful. In the near future, the ground drones will undergo combat testing," the statement said.

What is known about ground drones

Today, there are six modifications of ground drones: mine-laying, demining, logistical (for supplying provisions, water, ammunition, wood, etc.), evacuation, and assault.

"All our drones bear one name - Makhno. In honor of the legendary Nestor Makhno, who, along with his comrades, fiercely fought the Bolsheviks in these lands. The development of drones is owed to grassroots initiative. Design, welding, electronics, and necessary programming - all done by our soldiers themselves," said the officer under the combat pseudonym Diskus.

In his opinion, in modern combat conditions, these tools acquire great significance as they enable the safeguarding of the lives of servicemen while successfully fulfilling combat tasks.