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Ukrainian Air Force reveals why Russians increased frequency of strikes on Ukraine

Ukrainian Air Force reveals why Russians increased frequency of strikes on Ukraine Photo: Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson Illia Yevlash (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Russian invaders have reduced the intervals between attacks on Ukraine as they are trying to find weaknesses in the Ukrainian air defense system, according to Illia Yevlash, spokesperson for the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

"The shelling is constant. The enemy has recently focused its attention and is trying to attack our infrastructure facilities quite heavily. This is due to various factors," he says.

According to him, the Russians are constantly changing their tactics.

"Among other things, the enemy is constantly changing tactics, trying to find weaknesses in our air defense system," Yevlash notes.

He adds that the Russians will continue to attack Ukraine in the future.

"Its main goal is to destabilize the situation inside the country, to force Ukraine to take non-standard actions. Of course, we continue to monitor, detect missiles and other enemy assets and destroy them," Yevlash says.

Russia's shelling of Odesa

On Monday afternoon, March 25, Russia once again launched a missile attack on the city of Odesa. Initially, three women were reported injured, then the number of victims increased to 4. There were also reports of damage to civilian infrastructure, two buildings were destroyed, and glass was smashed in the houses around.

Natalia Humeniuk, a spokesperson for the South military command, said that Russia had used a double-strike tactic when attacking Odesa.

Russian missile attack on Kyiv

At about 10:30 a.m. on March 25, an air alert was declared in some regions of Ukraine, including Kyiv and the region. The Ukrainian Air Force warned of a ballistic missile threat. Almost immediately, explosions were heard in Kyiv.

Rocket debris fell in several districts of the capital. In particular, a multi-story building in the Pechersk district was damaged as a result of the Russian missile attack. Initially, two people were reported injured. Then the number of wounded began to grow. It is now known that five of the 10 victims had an acute stress reaction.

Russia attacked Kyiv with two ballistic missiles launched from the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea. They were shot down. This was Russia's third strike on the Ukrainian capital in the last five days. Read more about the consequences of the Russian attack in RBC-Ukraine's report.