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Ukraine tops European countries in highest readiness to fight for country

Ukraine tops European countries in highest readiness to fight for country 62% of Ukrainians are ready to fight for their country (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Ukraine boasts the highest readiness to fight for its country among European nations, with 62% of respondents indicating their preparedness, nearly doubling those who are not ready at 33%, according to data from Gallup International survey.

Sociologists note that the survey questions posed to Ukrainians were direct and non-hypothetical in nature.

Worldwide survey results reveal that respondents from Asian countries demonstrate the highest willingness to fight for their country under wartime conditions.

Armenia and Saudi Arabia exhibited the highest levels of readiness to defend their respective nations, with figures standing at 96% and 94% respectively. High levels of readiness are also observed in countries such as Azerbaijan, Georgia, Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan.

In the Americas and Europe, the highest percentage of respondents remained undecided. Respondents from Central and Eastern European countries exhibit greater readiness compared to those from Southern Europe. Notably, Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, and Bulgaria show the least readiness among European countries to fight for their state.

Among Ukraine's neighbors, Moldova demonstrates relatively higher willingness to fight for their country, with just over half of respondents expressing readiness. In Romania and Poland, the percentage of readiness is slightly less than half of those surveyed.

Overall, the Japanese show the least readiness among respondents globally to fight for their country.

The Gallup International End of Year Survey (EoY) is an annual tradition initiated and developed in 1977. Since then, the survey has been conducted every year. In 2023, the project was carried out in 41 countries worldwide.

A total of 40,428 individuals were surveyed worldwide. In each country, a representative sample of approximately 1,000 individuals was surveyed between October and December 2023. In Ukraine, the survey was conducted by the Rating group.

According to a survey by the Sociological Group Rating in February 2024, a relative majority of Ukrainians (36%) assessed the level of mobilization as insufficient. 19% considered it too high, while 30% of respondents stated that the level of mobilization was sufficient. 15% remained undecided.