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Ukraine's Forces report on battlefield situation following statement about Russian advance

Ukraine's Forces report on battlefield situation following statement about Russian advance Archive photo: The Ukrainian Armed Forces will respond to Russia in the Luhansk region (Getty Images)

As of now, there is no need to panic over reports of Russian advances in the Luhansk region, as the leadership of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is aware of the situation and Russia will receive an appropriate response, states Nazar Voloshyn, spokesperson for the operational-strategic group Khortytsia.

Journalists have informed the spokesperson about the situation in the Luhansk region, specifically about the group of 10,000 Russian military personnel.

Voloshyn urged Ukrainians not to panic and not to spread information in society that the enemy is already advancing.

"I will say that both the leadership of the Armed Forces and the highest political leadership of the state are aware of this information, appropriate measures are being taken, so everything is known about the enemy," the spokesperson said.

Ukraine's Forces will give Russia a response

Furthermore, he added that detailed information regarding the readiness level and supply of this enemy group can be provided by Defence Intelligence. Units of this department are deployed in that direction.

"Therefore, from our group, I can say that the Defense Forces and Armed Forces are ready for any development of events, and our defenders will give an adequate response in that direction," explained Voloshyn.

What preceded

Today, fighters of the Third Assault Brigade stated that Russia has prepared groupings for an offensive and is advancing towards the borders of the Luhansk region.

At the same time, the military wrote that the Russian forces are already advancing with tank regiments, deploying artillery and additional units of private military companies.