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Ukraine's battlefield might be at risk without US assistance - CIA chief

Ukraine's battlefield might be at risk without US assistance - CIA chief CIA Chief William Burns (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Ukraine could lose significant ground on the battlefield without the support of the United States, according to the CIA Director William Burns.

"Ukrainians are not running out of courage and tenacity. They’re running out of ammunition, and we’re running out of time to help them," he said.

Burns cautioned that without additional military aid from the US, "Ukraine is likely to lose ground — and likely significant ground — in 20244."

According to him, Russia is interested in a "theater of negotiations" for ending the war but is unwilling to make significant compromises for it.

Meanwhile, senior intelligence officials in the Senate stated that since the end of 2023, Moscow has been steadily achieving minor successes on the battlefield and capitalizing on uncertainty about future military aid from the US and its allies.

"This deadlock plays to Russia’s strategic military advantages and is increasingly shifting the momentum in Moscow’s favor," they said.

US aid to Ukraine

The US has withheld military and financial aid to Ukraine for several months, as Congress has yet to allocate funds for it.

The US Senate passed a bill allocating $95 billion in aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

However, this initiative faced resistance in the House of Representatives. House Speaker Mike Johnson refuses to bring the bill to a vote, insisting that aid to Ukraine be tied to funding for border security against migrants.

According to US President Joe Biden, Washington won't be able to restore aid to Ukraine unless Congress allocates funds for it.