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Ukraine receives 40 French armored vehicles AMX-10RC

Ukraine receives 40 French armored vehicles AMX-10RC AMX-10RC (Photo: wikipedia)
Author: Daria Shekina

Ukrainian military has received 40 French armored vehicles AMX-10RC, according to bulgarianmilitary.

According to analysts, Ukraine has received 40 French armored vehicles AMX-10RC, which were previously used during the summer counteroffensive and front-line combat. However, during previous engagements, Ukraine lost 5 of these armored vehicles and decided to move them to the second front line.

In recent weeks, there has been information that AMX-10RC is once again being used in combat operations. Ukraine has received an additional batch of 40 of these armored vehicles.

The AMX-10RC was first introduced to the French army in 1981. Its primary weapon is the accurate 105mm F2 BK MECA L/47 gun, supplemented by a 7.62mm NF1 machine gun or a 12.7mm heavy machine gun M2HB to increase firepower.

The standard ammunition load for the main gun is 38 rounds, and for the machine gun, it is 4000 rounds.

The AMX-10RC is powered by a 280 hp Baudouin Model 6F11 SRX diesel engine, allowing the vehicle to reach speeds of up to 85 km/h on paved roads and up to 45 km/h off-road. Depending on the specific configuration, the vehicle's weight ranges from 15.8 to 22 tons.


Lightweight French tanks AMX-10RC had already arrived in Ukraine, with some of them stationed at the front lines.

In February, it was announced that France had sent the first batch of 14 AMX-10RC light tanks to Ukraine. Ukrainian crews had already undergone a training program for these vehicles.

In early January, French President Emmanuel Macron announced the transfer of AMX10-RC light tanks to Ukraine.