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Ukraine-Poland border situation unchanged: nearly 3.5k trucks in queue

Ukraine-Poland border situation unchanged: nearly 3.5k trucks in queue Photo: Andrii Demchenko, spokesperson for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (Facebook page of Andriy Demchenko)

The blockade persists on four routes at the Ukrainian-Polish border, with almost 3.5 thousand cargo vehicles awaiting passage. The situation remains largely unchanged, reports Andrii Demchenko, the spokesperson for the State Border Service of Ukraine, during a telethon broadcast.

Among the blocked directions are:

  • Rava-Ruska - Hrebenne
  • Yahodyn - Dorohusk
  • Krakivets - Korczowa
  • Shehyni - Medyka

There are almost 3.5 thousand trucks in the queue, with the highest numbers opposite Shehyni - 1200 units and Yahodyn - 900 units.

Demchenko explained, that some movement occurs during the day, but there is no significant change from the dynamics before November 6. The least movement is observed at the Yahodyn checkpoint, despite it being the largest infrastructure direction.

"Specifically, the introduction regarding the Uhryniv checkpoint, where empty freight vehicles weighing over 7.5 tons can cross the border when leaving Ukraine - we do not see any relaxations on that side yet. The implementation of certain agreements has not provided incentives for an increase in vehicles," Demchenko added.

Border Blockade

Since November 6, the movement of freight transport on the Ukrainian-Polish border has been complicated. The cause of the queues is the strike by Polish carriers demanding the return of the permit system for our country.

Ukrainian drivers, in turn, announced that they would go on a hunger strike to force Polish carriers to unblock the border. Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets appealed to his Polish counterpart, but there has been no response.

From December 4, a checkpoint for empty trucks leaving Ukraine started operating at the border.