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Ukraine-Poland border situation: Over 3,000 trucks stuck in queues

Ukraine-Poland border situation: Over 3,000 trucks stuck in queues Andrii Demchenko, spokesperson for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (Photo:
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Polish carriers continue to block the border with Ukraine in four directions. More than 3,000 trucks are waiting in lines, according to Andrii Demchenko, a spokesperson for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

In Poland, about 3,300 trucks are waiting to leave for Ukraine. The longest queue opposite the Shehyni checkpoint is about 1,200 trucks and opposite the Rava-Ruska checkpoint - 850 trucks. The most difficult traffic is at the Yahodyn and Rava-Ruska checkpoints.

"If we talk about certain categories of cargo, they are moving. These are humanitarian goods and other important goods that Ukraine needs. But I cannot say that all of them have the opportunity to cross the border unhindered," says Demchenko.

According to the spokesperson, the Uhryniv checkpoint continues to operate. Over the past day, about 100 empty trucks crossed from Ukraine to Poland through this checkpoint. About 270 more trucks are waiting in line.

However, as Demchenko notes, the opening of another checkpoint for empty trucks did not ease the blockade of the border by Polish carriers.

Border blockade

Since November 6, the movement of freight transport has been hampered on the Ukrainian-Polish border. As of December 8, truck traffic was restricted at 4 checkpoints on the border with Poland.

The queues at the border were caused by strikes by Polish carriers. They are demanding a return to the permit system for our country.

After almost a month of the blockade, Ukrainian drivers announced that they would go on a hunger strike to get Polish carriers to unblock the border. Ukrainian ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets appealed to his Polish counterpart, but so far, there has been no response.

On December 4, a checkpoint for empty trucks leaving Ukraine was launched on the Ukrainian-Polish border.