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Ukraine may receive new GLSDB missiles from U.S. tomorrow

Ukraine may receive new GLSDB missiles from U.S. tomorrow Ukraine may receive new GLSDB missiles from U.S. tomorrow (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Ukraine is set to receive precision-guided GLSDB ground-based munitions from the United States, produced by Boeing, as announced by Politico last year.

The weaponry, not yet in the American military inventory, has reportedly been successfully tested by the Pentagon for Ukraine, expected to be deployed to the battlefield by Wednesday.

The first batch of these innovative munitions, adapted for strikes up to approximately 150 km, will enhance the Ukrainian military's deeper striking potential, according to a U.S. official. This addition to their long-range arsenal aims to provide Ukrainian forces with capabilities they previously lacked.

Boeing initially approached the United States in the fall, seeking approval for the purchase and delivery of these reactive winged bombs to Ukraine. The timeline for transferring GLSDB to the Ukrainian Armed Forces has seen varying estimates in the press, with the Ukrainian military seeking to augment their limited supply of ATACMS missiles, previously provided by the United States.

The GLSDB, with a range of 150 km, is an experimental hybrid combining the small-diameter GBU-39 aviation bomb with the rocket engine from the M26 missile. Weighing 130 kg, with a length of 1800 mm, and a warhead mass of 93 kg, these munitions can be launched from platforms like the M270 and HIMARS.

Manufactured collaboratively by Swedish company SAAB AB and Boeing Co, GLSDBs are GPS-guided, resilient to electronic interference, suitable for all weather conditions, and effective against armored vehicles.

Western media reported in November of last year that the United States postponed the transfer of the first significant batch of GLSDB to Ukraine to 2024.