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Ukraine can use German Patriots to shoot down planes over Russia

Ukraine can use German Patriots to shoot down planes over Russia Germany's authorization for strikes against Russia applies to Patriot (photo: Getty Images)

Ukraine could theoretically shoot down military aircraft in Russian airspace with German Patriot systems. This would involve Berlin's permission to use German weapons to strike Russian territory, states Major General Christian Freuding, Head of the Working Group for the Coordination of Assistance to Ukraine at the German Ministry of Defense.

“It is quite possible that Patriot systems will now also be used in the Kharkiv area. They are perfect for fighting Russian aircraft that can use guided bombs,” the German general said.

However, according to him, such use of Patriot air defense systems is the sole responsibility of the Ukrainian military.

“They can deploy them within the framework of international law. We have great confidence that the Ukrainians will not only comply with this, but will do so with great tactical skill and succeed in doing so,” Freuding emphasized.

As it is known, Germany has handed over two of its Patriot air defense systems to Ukraine, and another is in the process of being delivered.

Authorization for Ukraine to strike at Russia

Since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion, Western countries that have provided Ukraine with weapons have restricted the Ukrainian military's right to use these weapons to strike military targets on Russian territory. However, after Russia's new offensive in Kharkiv region, the West revised its policy on this issue.

Thus, the United States and Germany allowed the Armed Forces of Ukraine to strike Russian territory with their weapons, but within the border areas of the Kharkiv region. Later, Washington clarified that the authorization also applies to the Sumy region.

And France has actually given the green light for Ukrainian strikes on Russian airfields in the Kursk and Belgorod regions.

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