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U.S. releases report on investigation into Pentagon data leak

U.S. releases report on investigation into Pentagon data leak Photo: U.S. unveils report on investigation into leak of Pentagon classified documents (Getty Images)

The Department of the United States Air Force has published a report on the results of an investigation into the unauthorized disclosure of Pentagon classified information by National Guard member Jack Teixeira, according to U.S. Air Force.

According to the report, Teixeira's anticipated actions, who faces charges on six counts and is awaiting trial, remain the cause of the data leak from the U.S. Department of Defense.

The investigation revealed that individuals from Teixeira's unit did not take proper actions after learning about his illegal activities. However, evidence that members of the oversight chain were aware of his anticipated information disclosure could not be found.

It was found that the leadership of the 102nd Intelligence Wing of the Intelligence Directorate of the U.S National Guard did not exercise due diligence in monitoring the behavior of individuals under their command. They did not pay proper attention to the immediate mission security and "did not take necessary actions for the complete and effective performance of duties under the security program."

As a result, 15 military personnel from the U.S. National Guard were subjected to disciplinary action. Colonel Sean Riley, the commander of the 102nd Intelligence Wing, was removed, and one of his deputies received a reprimand.

The U.S Air Force also announced the removal of the 102nd Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Group from tasking, where Teixeira served.

Additionally, the U.S Armed Forces assured that security measures had been strengthened to prevent such leaks of classified information.


In the spring, secret documents of the United States were leaked online, which included information about Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the preparation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces for a counteroffensive.

After some time, law enforcement officers arrested a suspect in the leak of classified Pentagon documents. The suspect turned out to be National Guard member Jack Teixeira, who was involved with a private online group called Thug Shaker Central.

Later, on May 19, U.S. District Court Judge David Hennessy granted the government's request to detain Teixeira. He remains in federal custody.

During the court hearing on June 16, Teixeira was accused of sharing information with social media users who, as he knew, were not authorized to receive it