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Tusk criticizes Fico for pro-Russian rhetoric regarding military aid to Ukraine

Tusk criticizes Fico for pro-Russian rhetoric regarding military aid to Ukraine Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk (photo: Getty Images)

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk criticized his Slovak counterpart Robert Fico for his criticism of military aid to Ukraine, according to Bloomberg.

During a press conference in Prague on February 27, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk made such a statement.

Robert Fico, together with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, continues to strongly condemn the supply of weapons to Ukraine. During a meeting of the Visegrad Group, he stated that providing military equipment had only prolonged the two-year war and called on the European Union to facilitate negotiations to end the conflict.

"Guess, Robert, where would be the border between Russia and Ukraine without our assistance," the Polish prime minister asked. "I think it’s a much more interesting question.”

His response shattered initial attempts by other officials to maintain harmony and promote common positions in agriculture. While Tusk and Fiala supported Ukraine, Fico, along with Hungarian Prime Minister Orban, criticized sanctions against Russia.

The media reports that the close ties within the Visegrad Group have been shattered since the countries joined the EU and NATO.

In addition, Fico's new government is causing concern from the EU for rewriting the criminal code.

During a press conference, a Slovak reporter asked whether his anti-Western rhetoric was isolating Slovakia. "I’d like to ask you, please don’t embarrass Slovak media," said Fico, who attacked journalists after the briefing.

In January, after the Russian shelling of Kyiv, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico stated that the situation in the Ukrainian capital looked normal. He was asked if he planned to go to Kyiv to understand Russia's war against Ukraine, which has been going on for the second year. However, Fico called the conflict local.

"You seriously think there is war in Kyiv? You are joking, please, I hope you are not being serious. Go there and you will find out there is normal life in the city, absolutely normal life," the Slovak Prime Minister said.