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Trump vows to keep US in NATO if reelected, but sets condition

Trump vows to keep US in NATO if reelected, but sets condition Former U.S. President Donald Trump (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

In the event of Donald Trump's victory in the presidential elections, the United States of America will not withdraw from NATO and will come to the aid of countries in case of an attack. However, only if the EU starts playing fair and paying contributions, reports Politico.

According to the material, Trump confirmed his commitment to the Alliance but warned European nations not to "take advantage" of American support.

"NATO has to treat the U.S. fairly, because if it's not for the United States, NATO literally doesn't even exist," he said.

When asked if the United States would come to the aid of NATO countries under his presidency if they were attacked, Trump replied affirmatively.

"Yeah. But you know, the United States should pay its fair share, not everybody else's fair share," said the US presidential candidate.

According to him, NATO is more important for European countries.

"We have an ocean in between some problems ... we have a nice big, beautiful ocean. [NATO] is more important for [European countries], they will take an advantage," Trump added.

Also, when asked if America would stand by its allies if European countries "start to play fair," he responded, "Yes, 100 percent."

Europe is urged to prepare for the US's withdrawal from NATO after Trump's return

Diplomats of NATO member countries believe that Europe needs to prepare for a possible US withdrawal from the Alliance if Donald Trump returns to the White House.

The prospect of Trump's return to power after the US elections is causing concern in Europe regarding the continuation of American support for Ukraine and NATO allies.

As reported by The Telegraph, diplomats in NATO countries believe that European capitals need to prepare a plan and review their current defense capabilities.

One European diplomat told The Telegraph that Trump's scandalous statements, including refusing to help allies in case of an attack by the Russian Federation, cause "concern."

"Nobody knows what he's going to do next," the diplomat said, adding that NATO countries should develop a scenario to reduce the alliance's dependence on the United States.

A diplomat from another NATO country said that countries like Britain should take even more control over European security because a possible US withdrawal from NATO would create a "massive gap."

A third diplomat, speaking to The Telegraph, saw a positive aspect in the fear of the US leaving NATO. In his opinion, such uncertainty will force European countries to think more about their own defense planning - whether "it is adequate or not?"

US elections

Presidential elections will take place in the United States this November. The most likely candidates for the presidency are the incumbent President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. The latter became the sole candidate from the Republican Party as a result of the primaries.

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