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Trump challenges Biden to debate after Haley withdrew from presidential race

Trump challenges Biden to debate after Haley withdrew from presidential race Former President of the US Donald Trump and President of the US Joe Biden (collage RBC-Ukraine)

On Wednesday, March 6, former US President Donald Trump challenged current President Joe Biden to debates ahead of the November elections, despite having previously avoided a series of Republican primaries, according to Bloomberg.

"For the good of our country, that Joe Biden and I debate issues that are so vital to America, and the American people," Trump noted, adding, "Therefore, I am calling for debates, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANYPLACE!"

During the election campaign, Trump avoided five debates with his political opponents. He did not participate in similar events, which drew criticism from former candidate Chris Christie, calling him a chicken for failing to show up.

During the campaign, the 77-year-old Trump criticized Biden for verbal mistakes and stumbling while walking. Although the former president himself is not immune to mistakes during his speeches: recently, he erroneously mixed up Haley and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

"I know Donald Trump’s thirsty for attention and struggling to expand his appeal beyond the MAGA base," Biden campaign spokesman Michael Tyler said. "If he’s so desperate to see President Biden in prime time, he doesn’t have to wait! He can join the tens of millions of Americans who will tune in to watch the State of the Union tomorrow night."

On Tuesday, March 5, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump emerged victorious in the nationwide party primaries in most states. The candidates have set the stage for a historic rematch in the general election in November, despite their low popularity ratings.

After a successful performance in 15 states, where Super Tuesday selected over a third of the Republican delegates, Trump has virtually guaranteed himself a third consecutive nomination for the presidency, despite numerous criminal accusations.

Biden again called Trump a threat to American democracy.