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Trichologist names reasons for slow hair growth

Trichologist names reasons for slow hair growth What damages hair (photo:

Trichologist Olha Poniatovska highlighted a common mistake that almost everyone makes while washing their hair. This error, she suggests, contributes to slow hair growth and an unhealthy appearance.

What you should avoid doing while washing your hair.

During the preparation of this material, sources such as the trichologist's Instagram page and were used.

Never do this while washing your hair

According to the trichologist, many people believe that to effectively wash their hair, they need to apply shampoo to its entire length. However, this is a big mistake. According to the expert, such actions can lead to poor hair growth and quick dirt buildup, resulting in the need for frequent hair washing.

Moreover, when trying to create lather along the length, you mechanically damage the hair. This can make the hair brittle, and split ends become an unpleasant bonus.

Instead of applying shampoo to all your hair, try massaging the product into the scalp. Do this gently with massaging motions. Then, when rinsing the shampoo, the lather will still cleanse the length and remove excess oil.

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How to wash hair correctly (photo:

Common mistakes to avoid while washing your hair

In addition to the mentioned mistake, another common error is applying hair masks, conditioners, or balms directly to the scalp. Unlike shampoo, these products should be gently massaged to the length only.

It is also advisable not to indulge in frequent scalp exfoliation. Nowadays, products for deep skin cleansing are actively promoted, leading many to risk compromising hair quality through regular use of scrubs.

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