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To-do list before New Year: 16 items to be ready for celebration

To-do list before New Year: 16 items to be ready for celebration What you need to do before the New Year (Photo:

The New Year is just around the corner, a little over three weeks away. Typically, in the year's final days, we are busy with holiday preparations and completing essential tasks.

RBC-Ukrainehas prepared a list of things you need to accomplish in the next three weeks so you don't forget anything .

During the preparation of the material, sources such as Cosmopolitan, Wisebread, and Real Simple were used.

Compile a to-do list

Make a cup of hot tea or aromatic cocoa and list tasks that must be completed before the New Year. Consider what you would like to accomplish and mark the days on the calendar for important tasks and visits.

Do a thorough cleaning.

Don't leave home cleaning until the last few days before the holidays. Organize your cabinets, drawers, and kitchen a few weeks before the holidays. Conduct a comprehensive cleaning so that you only need to vacuum and dust on the eve of the holidays.

Focus on completing essential projects

Plan your work to finish all significant projects by the end of the year. Settle all pending matters and enjoy the feeling of fulfilling your duties before the holidays. Settle debts and return books to the library.

Plan your menu

Plan your menu for the festive days in advance to avoid last-minute stress. Check your pantry supplies and make a list of regular groceries so you won't have to rush to the stores on the eve of the holidays.

Start buying groceries

Identify what you can buy in advance and purchase groceries for the holiday season. This will save you from standing in queues and might save you money, as prices often rise just before the holidays.

To-do list before New Year: 16 items to be ready for celebration

What you need to do before the New Year (

Buy gifts

Plan for whom and what gifts you intend to give to family members and friends. Place orders online in advance to ensure that the items arrive on time. Take the time to pack everything neatly and hide it until the holidays.

Decorate the house

Hang a few garlands, wreaths, and decorations. If you have an artificial Christmas tree, you can set it up and decorate it. If it's a real tree, prepare the space where you want to place it. Take out ornaments from storage and dust them off.

Write letters

Write letters and sign cards for your loved ones who are far away. The New Year is a beautiful opportunity to reconnect or make amends with someone.

Organize a party

Have a small pre-holiday pajama party at home. It's an excellent opportunity to reflect on the past year, bid farewell to what has been done or not done, and comprehensively prepare for the new year's arrival.

Set goals for 2024

Plan each month of the upcoming year and create a plan, including when you will take breaks and how you will celebrate your birthday or other holidays. Set goals you want to achieve. Make a wishlist. You can create a visualization board.

Spend a day alone with yourself

This day will help you gather your thoughts and understand your desires and aspirations. It's also an opportunity to relax and recharge before the holidays.

To-do list before New Year: 16 items to be ready for celebration

What you need to do before the New Year (

Find a recipe you want to try

Holidays are a great time to try a new recipe and prepare something unusual. Bake cookies with children, use a new cookbook, or think about what specific dish you want to see on the festive table.

Arrange a winter photoshoot

Create new memories through photos—take pictures in fluffy snowdrifts, against a decorated Christmas tree backdrop, or with loved ones at a pajama party. And, of course, on Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Plan the party

Whether celebrating with family or inviting friends, you need a plan. Maybe you want to dance—then you'll need music. Or you'll play board games—prepare a few new games or old favorites. Or perhaps you want a movie marathon—organize your film library.

Prepare your outfit

Plan your attire for holiday parties in advance and thoroughly prepare your entire look, from shoes to accessories. Otherwise, you'll throw everything out of the closet at the last moment.

Visit elderly relatives

A few days before the holidays, be sure to visit elderly relatives. Your parents or aunts will appreciate small gifts, treats, and your attention.