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Three signs your psyche is extremely exhausted

Three signs your psyche is extremely exhausted How to recognize that a person is mentally exhausted (photo: Freepik)

More and more Ukrainians are falling into depressive states as their psyche struggles to cope with the harsh realities of war. Mental health issues also impact physical well-being. The longer a person remains in such a state, the more challenging it becomes to pull them out of it. Psychologist Liana Benko in her publication on Instagram reports on the signs indicating that a person's psyche is exhausted.

Loss of pleasure from favorite activities, things, and people

"If you used to enjoy meeting with friends, colleagues, and relatives, always having something to talk about and engage in together, but now you simply avoid their company. Your surroundings irritate you, and your favorite activities and hobbies no longer bring satisfaction," explains the psychologist.

A person typically comes up with excuses like "I have a lot on my plate," "feeling unwell, probably getting sick," "can't meet up because the child is sick/sewage is leaking/need to help parents, etc."

"Behind all these excuses hides the simple truth: 'Sorry, I don't have the energy or desire to see you,'" says Benko.

Constant feeling of fatigue

"Waking up in the morning, you already feel tired, as if you haven't rested at all. There's no energy to go to work, get the children ready for school, walk the dog, or even prepare a tasty breakfast for yourself. Even such a simple ritual as brushing your teeth requires extra effort," notes the psychologist.

You have distanced yourself from loved ones

"There's a wall between you and your family. Watching a movie together, helping your child with lessons, inquiring about your partner's day – all of this becomes impossible due to the deep emotional pit you find yourself in," says the expert.

The worst part is that people (even close ones) interpret this as laziness, selfishness, procrastination, or a lack of interest in relationships. They don't understand why you don't dedicate enough attention to them, feel offended, and start to drift away. They fail to comprehend that you literally have no strength for anything.

"If you recognize yourself in at least one of these three points, don't hesitate. Prolonged states like these can trigger irreversible processes in the psyche that will negatively impact you and your loved ones for the rest of your life. Take care of your mental health in a timely manner; the quality of your life depends on it," urges the psychologist.

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