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Three Russian vessels collided in the Kerch Strait during storm

Three Russian vessels collided in the Kerch Strait during storm During a storm in the Kerch Strait, three Russian vessels collided (photo: Russian media)

The statement indicates that in the Kerch Strait, on November 26, during a storm, three Russian ships collided, according to the Telegram channel SHOT.

The statement indicates that around 21:00, giant waves caused the ships Matros Shevchenko, Matros Pozynych, and Kavkaz-5 to collide in the Kerch Strait, as reported on the channel.

The ship Matros Shevchenko set sail from the port of Kavkaz and headed into the open sea. However, due to strong winds, it was challenging to control the vessel, and it collided with another ship, Matros Pozynych, which did not manage to get out of its way in time.

"Together, they were carried onto the icebreaker Kavkaz-5, which had just lifted anchor and was attempting to head into the sea but lacked the speed, and the two Matros vessels collided with it harshly," the channel reported.

The collision of the ships led to them being stuck facing each other for 20 minutes. Thanks to minor damage to the vessels, it was possible to avoid fuel spills and contamination of the water.

"There are no casualties among the people," the channel added.

Black Sea Storm on November 26

A sea storm hit temporarily occupied Crimea. Water washed away Russian trenches on the coast. Destruction of the beach in Balaklava was also recorded. Russians reported a lack of electricity and water in some cities.

The storm was characterized as the strongest in the last 100 years. The self-proclaimed authorities reported the first casualty.