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This plus laundry detergent to make your clothes smell fresh and not musty

This plus laundry detergent to make your clothes smell fresh and not musty Illustrative photo (all photos: Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

As the weather turns colder during the fall and winter seasons, drying clothes becomes a much tougher task, especially if your home lacks a dryer. One of the major issues that arise is the unpleasant odor. When clothes take a long time to dry, they seem to "suffocate" and start emitting a foul smell. provided some tips into what you can add to your laundry routine to prevent clothes from becoming musty.

Experienced housewives suggest using simple life hacks. To prevent clothes from developing a stale smell after washing, add either vinegar or baking soda to your detergent.

Vinegar method

To eliminate the unpleasant odor, add a bit of vinegar to your laundry detergent, just around 100 grams. During the wash, vinegar neutralizes all bacteria and prevents clothes from "suffocating" when you dry them.

Although vinegar should only be added when you're confident it won't damage the fabric. Clothes may change color, so test this method on a small area first, such as the lining or the back of a pocket. Additionally, after washing with vinegar, rinse the clothes twice to ensure no lingering strong scent.

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Baking soda method

You can soak your clothes before washing them in the washing machine. To do this, add two tablespoons of baking soda to water and leave your laudry in the solution for a bit. Afterward, proceed with the regular washing.

Alternatively, you can add a bit of baking soda directly to your laundry detergent. This method is suitable for those who don't want to spend time soaking clothes. Just pour the soda into the washing machine drum. However, keep in mind that this method should be applied with caution for delicate and colored fabrics.