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This makeup trick makes you look 15 years younger

This makeup trick makes you look 15 years younger Photo: How to lose 15 years with a makeover (

Eternal youth and beauty are every woman's dream. With the right makeup, you can achieve the desired young skin effect, expert Meagan Anderson claims.

What to do for a younger look

There is a series of products and services available to combat the signs of aging on our faces, from moisturizers to botox.

But 48-year-old Meagan, better known on social media as Meagan Online, has shown that all you need to improve your appearance is a makeup set and some know-how.

In the video, she demonstrated a technique that is based mainly on the application of concealer, a type of color-correcting cosmetic.

The expert applied dabs of concealer in six places: marionette lines around the mouth, above and below the lips, under the inner and outer corners of the eye, and right above the top of the eyebrows.

Then, Meagan blended it all out with a small sponge.

Ця "фішка" в макіяжі з легкістю прибере вам 15 років

Meagan shared her makeup secrets (screenshot)

She went on to show that you need to apply a product that is a little darker than concealer along the face contour. It can be blush.

Meagan applied a few dots of blush on each side and placed them high, just above the cheek.

Finally, she went over the areas where she had applied concealer with a highlighter and blended it.

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