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Thinking mistakes that spoil quality of our lives

Thinking mistakes that spoil quality of our lives Illustrative photo (all photos: Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Sometimes, conventional biases and patterns can be helpful, but they often lead us astray, influencing our judgments without us even realizing it, according to the psychological portal Pleso.

Minimization and exaggeration

Overestimating or underestimating expectations, inappropriate comparisons, diminishing the importance of things, or exaggerating.

For example, "We could have had a great dinner, but the lights went out, the chicken didn't cook properly, and the guests were probably disappointed."

Antidote: A dinner gathering is amazing not just for eating but for socializing.

Fortunetelling and prophecies

None of us knows what the future holds, but that shouldn't stop us from trying our luck at fortune-telling each time.

For instance, "What if I go on a solo trip? I don't know the language, there used to always be someone deciding everything for me before."

Antidote: It's a great opportunity for me to gain new experiences. My acquaintances have plenty of examples of having a great time in other countries without knowing the language.

Які помилки у мисленні псують якість нашого життя


As much as we'd like to think, the world doesn't revolve around us. Making decisions for others regarding oneself, exaggerating one's significance, and so on.

For example, "They are probably mad at me, that's why they aren't calling. So I won't call them either."

Antidote: Relationships are not competitions. Maybe they need some time alone now or they might just be too busy right now to call. I'll call them when I have the opportunity and dispel all my assumptions and worries.


Dividing people, objects, and situations into categories, assigning labels, like "I'm such a terrible person because I forgot about our meeting."

Antidote: A terrible person would probably not feel guilty. Breaking agreements is not how I do things. What led to such behavior, what events or unforeseen circumstances forced me to do so?