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Things to not do when sick with cold and flu: Advice from doctor

Things to not do when sick with cold and flu: Advice from doctor How not to treat a cold and flu (photo:

The period of autumn respiratory illnesses has arrived, and with the onset of serious cold weather, people have started to catch various viruses, according to dietitian and family doctor Yuliia Koval.

It is essential to remember the main rules for treating colds and acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI) in order not to harm your health.

What not to do when treating a cold:

  1. Immediately take everything you find in your home medicine cabinet. The number of medications taken does not equate to a quick recovery.

  2. Call friends, colleagues and read forums asking what they were treated with. We are all different, and treatment should be individual.

  3. Immediately take antibiotics. Their prescription should be justified.

"They do not prevent complications, they do not speed up recovery, it is not a panacea for any illness. Also, even if the temperature is 38-39, and a cough appears - it is not a reason to immediately start taking antibiotics, as many people think," emphasizes Yulia Koval.

  1. Antiviral drugs have not proven their effectiveness. It is not worth spending money on them; they will not destroy the virus, alleviate the course of the disease, improve the immune system, reduce the duration of the illness, or prevent complications.

WHO does not recommend using drugs to treat ARVI. The only proven antivirals are oseltamivir - for the flu virus and drugs for hepatitis and HIV.

  1. Do not use homeopathy.

  2. Do not use immunomodulators.

  3. There is no need to take 3-4 medications for one symptom. For example, for sore throat - lozenges, spray, and gargling. If prescribed correctly, one proven drug is effective.

The doctor also emphasized that the best option is not to get sick. And if you do catch a cold, do not self-medicate, but seek medical attention.