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Terrorist attacks in Nigeria: Over 100 people died, at least 300 others injured

Terrorist attacks in Nigeria: Over 100 people died, at least 300 others injured Over 100 people killed in Nigeria due to terrorist attacks (photo: Getty Images)

The number of casualties from the terrorist attacks in the central Nigerian state of Plateau over the weekend has risen to 113 people, with over 300 others injured, according to Rеuters.

The acting chairman of the local government area of Bokkos in Plateau state, Munday Kasas, has stated that 113 people were killed during the attacks over the weekend.

"The attacks were well-coordinated. We have recovered 113 dead bodies from those communities. We have recovered more than 300 injured," he said.

The official mentioned that the injured were taken to the hospital. The responsibility for the attacks has not been reported.

Plateau is known as one of the ethnically and religiously diverse states in the Middle Belt of Nigeria, where inter-communal conflicts have claimed hundreds of lives in recent years.

Violence often stems from ethno-religious conflicts between Muslim herders and predominantly Christian farmers. However, climate change and the expansion of agriculture are also significant contributing factors.

Disasters in Nigeria

A boat capsized in southwestern Nigeria while transporting people after a wedding ceremony. The vessel was carrying about 300 passengers, and 106 of them lost their lives.

"The fact that the victims were guests at a wedding ceremony made the unfortunate incident even more painful," said the country's president, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Earlier in May, in central Nigeria, clashes occurred between herders and farmers, resulting in the death of at least 85 people. Over 3,000 citizens were displaced to other areas.