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Tashkent summons ambassador over expressed in Russia desire to annex Uzbekistan

Tashkent summons ambassador over expressed in Russia desire to annex Uzbekistan Photo: Russian writer and militiant Zakhar Prilepin (Russian media)

Russian militant Zakhar Prilepin expressed a desire to annex Uzbekistan to the Russian Federation. Tashkent reacted strongly to such statements and summoned the Russian ambassador for clarification, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan.

It is noted that during the meeting with the Russian Ambassador Oleg Malginov, it was emphatically conveyed that Uzbekistan deeply disapproves of the statements made by the co-chairman of the "Fair Russia - For the Truth" party, Zakhar Prilepin, regarding the annexation of Uzbekistan's territory to the Russian Federation.

"The ministry expressed deep concern over such statements by party leaders of such a friendly country as the Russian Federation, as these statements, unfortunately, do not correspond to the spirit of the comprehensive strategic partnership and alliance between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Russian Federation," the statement said.

The Uzbek Ministry of Foreign Affairs also noted that similar statements widely disseminated in Russian media have a deliberately provocative nature.

Russia's position

Malginov stated with full responsibility that Prilepin's statements "have nothing to do with the official position of the leadership of the Russian Federation regarding friendly and independent Uzbekistan."

The ambassador emphasized that "in his country, the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of the Republic of Uzbekistan have never been doubted."

Malginov also noted that the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs plans to comment on this incident in the near future.

Russia's threats and Imperial ambitions toward other countries

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Recently, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin began making threats to Latvia. The pretext for this was allegedly the "oppression of the Russian-speaking population."

Putin also issued threats to Finland over its NATO membership, claiming that Russia would deploy troops to the Finnish border.