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Tarot horoscope for week - Zodiac signs to become dramatically lucky

Tarot horoscope for week - Zodiac signs to become dramatically lucky What does the tarot horoscope promise specifically to you (illustration:

The new week (from April 8 to 14) may be decisive for representatives of some zodiac signs. The Tarot cards promise both success and scandals. Some should prepare for happy twists of fate, while others should be more cautious.

Hindustan Times tells tarot horoscope promises for all zodiac signs.


This week is about summing up. You may receive a reward for your efforts and enjoy the results of your work.

However, if you've been going with the flow and not doing much, don't expect a reward. Be careful in your conversations with relatives, as conflicts are possible.


In the coming days, you will have the opportunity to improve relations with management. Also, expect pleasant surprises. Perhaps you will hit the jackpot.

Don't forget about your health; pay attention to the signals your body sends. Don't hesitate to spend money on a doctor's visit; it's really important.


This week will allow you to improve relations with relatives. Try not to say things you'll regret later. Be patient, and you'll be able to reconcile with those who love you.

Also, don't be afraid of your ambitions; assert yourself. At work, you can succeed; it's important to just start acting.


You will receive an answer to a question that has been bothering you for a long time. However, it may not be easy. Be prepared for hard work.

After tense weekdays, be sure to rest and spend time with your loved one. If you don't have a significant other, go for a walk with friends.


The Tarot cards promise you success. You will be able to manage your finances wisely and also receive an interesting proposal.

Don't rush to turn down adventures; success will be on your side. Romantic adventures await you as well, which will provide you with plenty of pleasant experiences.


Don't be afraid of problems; you need to face your fears. If the anxiety is too much, seek the support of an experienced and wise person.

Give up bad habits and try to improve your lifestyle. Manage your time wisely; don't waste it on nonsense.


It's time for strong decisions. Be innovators and pioneers; this week could be your shining period.

However, don't overload yourself. Try to avoid burnout; balance is needed in everything, including rest.


Tarot cards advise you to start appreciating your friends. Someone from your inner circle may pleasantly surprise you. Respond with reciprocity to all good deeds.

Also, don't rush to burn bridges or erase people from your life with whom you have misunderstandings. Sometimes it's worth being more patient.


A rare opportunity awaits you, one that is not given to everyone and not very often. Try not to miss it. The opportunity to change your life will help you achieve your desires.

Show leadership qualities and take on responsibilities. This way, you can get approval from your superiors and maybe even a new position.


It is quite likely that the new week will allow you to forget about worries. Spread your wings and enjoy life; nothing is bothering you.

If you are looking for adventure, consider starting your own business. Business and trade might be a good idea.


Try to be honest with yourself and everyone around you. Deception and intrigue will only lead to quarrels and problems. You probably don't want to get involved in scandals.

Engage in sports and don't be lazy. Physical activity will help you distract yourself and learn to control yourself.


A week of fateful meetings awaits you. People who will become your friends or reliable partners may cross your path.

Make decisions quickly and without delay. Trust your intuition and don't be afraid to make mistakes.

By the way, we've previously mentioned that the new week will bring happiness to five zodiac signs.