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Tarot horoscope for the upcoming week

Tarot horoscope for the upcoming week Illustrative photo (
Author: Maria Kholina

Astrologers have crafted the weekly horoscope for the period of December 4 to December 10. Some will be extremely fortunate as happiness bursts into their lives, while others may encounter sorrow, according to Hindustan Times.


You will finally see the results of your hard work. It's time to take a bold step towards something significant. Start thinking about advancing your career. However, be prepared for potential issues at home.

Family conflicts may sadden you, but it's important not to show emotions. Strive to find harmony and make sure to dedicate time to your significant other. Additionally, there's a chance for a spontaneous trip, so bring your loved one along.


The week might bring surprises. Your superiors may suddenly change their attitude, and demands will increase. Don't be afraid to try something new and be flexible in your decisions.

Personal life may not be as fortunate. Be ready for situations where you have to make tough choices. Engaging in sports can help you forget your troubles, and a sudden income boost awaits you by the end of the week.


Luck is on your side in the coming weeks. You might receive a raise or a bonus, and your colleagues will start to respect you more. However, be cautious and avoid gossip, as it can harm your reputation.

Office romances can be risky, so try not to take unnecessary risks. Focus on your job instead of romantic adventures, as there's a chance for financial success if you concentrate on it.


The new week brings clarity to your life. You'll find answers to questions that have intrigued and bothered you. Additionally, you'll realize if you've been stuck at work and unable to progress.

Don't be disheartened by this realization. Make the right conclusions and plan your future; everything will work out. Fully devote yourself to your love life. Also, don't forget about physical activity and spend more time outdoors.


Conflicts with relatives might be brewing. Be cautious with strangers. Save money and avoid getting involved in adventures.

Plan your budget and try not to escalate situations if disagreements arise. Find reasons to be joyful, and don't dwell on negative thoughts.


The week will be eventful. You'll meet influential people, gain experience, and receive valuable advice. Listen to those around you, it will contribute to your success.

Avoid excessive partying and focus on your health and self-improvement. Also, you might make a significant deal and acquire something valuable this week.


You're facing a strength test, requiring concentration and determination. If you act without a plan, it could end in disaster. Avoid mistakes and don't argue over trivial matters; it could harm your reputation.


Pleasant surprises await you. However, resist the urge to splurge on shopping or start home renovations. Save money and cherish what you've earned. Instead, plan a romantic dinner and express your love to your significant other.

At work and in education, decline outside help and focus on achieving success independently.


Enormous happiness is in store for you. Expect good news from distant relatives that will pleasantly surprise you. However, your romantic relationship might disappoint you. Be open to enjoyment, and plan a city getaway to benefit you.


You can start a new life. Embrace originality, see the world differently, and create a cozy atmosphere at home. Let go of the past and release all grievances. Thoughts of the past hinder your progress, so get rid of what pulls you down.


The new week will pleasantly surprise you. Exchange ideas with like-minded individuals and realize that you're moving in the right direction. Write down your thoughts, it will help you not miss anything important.

Keeping a journal will help you better understand your emotions, find answers to questions, and identify areas where you may have made mistakes.


Dare to take a significant step in the coming days. Don't hesitate to propose your ideas and take time for new projects. Your efforts will pay off.

Be patient in your love life. Avoid conflicts and be prepared to balance between career and family.