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Tarot horoscope for June 20: Threat looming over Gemini, breakthrough expected for Taurus

Tarot horoscope for June 20: Threat looming over Gemini, breakthrough expected for Taurus Which zodiac signs will have good luck on Thursday (illustration:

On Thursday, June 20, representatives of some zodiac signs will experience the boomerang effect. Some will be very lucky, while others will face a difficult choice.

What the daily Tarot horoscope promises for the other zodiac signs is told by Your Tango.


You drew the Sun card. On Thursday, you'll have the potential to achieve a lot; dare to make significant changes. Forge your own happiness and rely solely on your strengths.


You drew the reversed Four of Cups card. This day could be memorable as you make an incredible breakthrough. However, doubt could prevent this if you hesitate in your abilities.


Your card for June 20 is the Nine of Pentacles. Be very cautious. Consider every step and word carefully; foresight will be invaluable. There is a serious threat looming over you.


You drew the Three of Wands card. Thursday brings the opportunity to explore new horizons. Embrace the unknown as it will bring you many exciting adventures.


Your card for June 20 is the Two of Swords. You may find yourself at a crossroads today. Making the right decision won't be easy; try to listen to the advice of those close to you.


You drew the Five of Swords card. Serious conflicts are brewing. A scandal could lead to someone you considered a close friend "vaporizing" from your life.


You drew the Eight of Wands card. It's time to rest; you need to pause and allow yourself to recover. Create a detox for yourself; let all tasks and problems pass you by.


You drew the reversed Seven of Pentacles card. Remember the law of karma; everything bad and everything good will come back to you. Therefore, avoid doing things that you might regret deeply later.


You drew the Hermit card. Don't let people intrude into your personal space, especially if it goes against your wishes. Set boundaries and don't hesitate to confront those who overstep them.


You drew the reversed Three of Swords card. A period of setbacks has arrived. It's up to you how you handle these challenges. You may feel like giving up, but remember you have the potential to fight through; victory is within reach.


You drew the Seven of Swords card. Romantic adventures await you, believe in yourself and don't be afraid to take the first steps. You will be reciprocated, it is only important to dare to confess.


You drew the reversed Knight of Wands card. Don't rush into decisions. Think carefully before taking action. This thoughtful approach will help you achieve success.

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