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This type of headache is common for everyone now: How to get rid of it

This type of headache is common for everyone now: How to get rid of it What is tension headache and how to get rid of it (photo:

Headaches come in various types, and the most common type people experience is tension-type headache (TTH). Unlike migraines, TTH is milder, more like a pressure or tightening sensation (as if your head is in a helmet). TTH doesn't typically cause nausea or sensitivity to noise and light, and it doesn't worsen with movement.

The causes of tension-type headaches and ways to alleviate them are explained by neurologist Davyd Shcherbyna in an Instagram post.

Why does such a headache occur

According to experts, the most common causes are overwork, a sedentary lifestyle, and high stress.

How to get rid of such a headache

To relax. Switch off, engage in hobbies, and not work 24/7.

"A vast number of patients have tension headaches because they try to be superhuman, working from morning till night and not having any time for rest or themselves," the doctor emphasizes.

Engage in sports. A neurologist recommends adding regular physical activity.

"It's very effective! And it's important to choose the sport that brings you joy and satisfaction; it could be swimming, boxing, the gym, dancing, or yoga," Shcherbina says.

Sleep. If you've been on the computer or phone late into the night or woke up earlier or later than usual, you'll get a headache. You need to sleep on a schedule; your body adapts to it. If you go to bed at 11:00 PM today and at 2:00 AM tomorrow, don't be surprised if you develop a headache.

Eat. Like sleep, meal intake should be on a schedule. If you get too busy and don't eat on time, your glucose levels drop, causing you to become progressively more anxious and nervous, and the activity of the sympathetic-adrenal system increases, which can lead to a headache. It's important for you to go and have something to eat from the refrigerator.

"If you've modified all the factors and the headache still persists, then the question is about your stress level. Tension headaches (especially frequent and chronic ones) often accompany depressive and anxiety disorders, which need to be treated in such cases," added the neurologist.

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