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Stylist tells how to wear and care for white clothes in spring

Stylist tells how to wear and care for white clothes in spring How to wear and care for white clothes (photo: Freepik)

White things are easy to combine with other colors, because it is a basic color that matches everything else. But white things can be difficult to care for, so they need special treatment.

How to care for white clothes

White clothes always look fresh and elegant, but taking care of them can be a challenge.

However, with the right tips, you can keep them looking great for a long time.

Separate washing

It is worth washing white items separately from colored ones to avoid stains or color fading. It is recommended to use special wipes for washing, also called "color traps".

They come with different functions, sometimes catching color from shedding fabric, and sometimes they can give the effect of whitening and maintaining white color.

Choosing the right detergent

Use special products for white fabrics that will help preserve their brightness and whiteness.

This little detail will significantly extend the life of your item, so don't neglect it and use only good detergents with the right composition for the material of your clothes.

Stylist tells how to wear and care for white clothes in spring

How to care for white clothes (photo: Freepik)

Removing stains

White clothes don't like stains, so remove any stains on white clothes at the earliest opportunity, using appropriate stain removers that can damage the fabric and lose its snow-white hue.

Do not allow the products to dry, as this will make it difficult to remove stains. Especially if it is a juice, wine or coffee stain.

Store properly

Store white items in a clean and dry place to avoid stains or odors.

Do not store wet white items together with items that can release color for a long time, such as jeans and velor.

Periodic upgrades

To maintain the snow-white color, periodically bleach your clothes using fabric-safe methods such as oxygen powder or hydrogen oxide.