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Stronger than lion - Top 7 most dangerous predators

Stronger than lion - Top 7 most dangerous predators The lion is considered the king of animals (illustrative photo:
Author: Daryna Vialko

Lions are considered the kings of the savanna, but there are a few animals that can challenge them. Some use coordinated attacks or their large size to defeat a lion, and they succeed.


Nile crocodiles are the second largest reptiles in the world, only surpassed by saltwater crocodiles. Like lions, they are predators.

No animal hunts Nile crocodiles for food, as no one is foolish enough to attempt it. Even with the availability of weapons, people still have little chance of escaping unharmed from an encounter with a large reptile.

There have been numerous recorded instances of Nile crocodiles attacking lions. This usually happens after a long ambush by the reptile, waiting for the lion to drink or eat near the waterhole.

Хто сильніший за лева? Топ-7 найнебезпечніших хижаків

Nile crocodile outpowers the lion (photo: Wikipedia)


Whether due to their foolish laughter or their reputation as cowardly scavengers, hyenas are not perceived as fierce predators. However, they are quite ruthless, especially when attacking in groups.

It is true that face to face, an average lion can easily deal with a hyena. It is also true that no hyena will ever hunt a lion alone.

But these predators often come into conflict over prey. This happens because lions attempt to steal the hyenas' kill (contrary to the common stereotype). However, in their packs, hyenas often come out as the victors over lions.

Хто сильніший за лева? Топ-7 найнебезпечніших хижаків

Spotted hyena (photo: Wikipedia)


On one hand, these animals are among the most common targets for poaching, as they often wander near waterholes, making them large, stationary targets. On the other hand, rhinos have no natural enemies, and all predators are aware that they should be avoided.

Rhinos are territorial animals and weigh approximately five times more than lions. Unlike crocodiles, which actively avoid lions, rhinos will confront anyone who encroaches on their territory.

Хто сильніший за лева? Топ-7 найнебезпечніших хижаків

White rhinoceros (photo: Wikipedia)


The habitats of lions and tigers rarely overlap, with a few exceptions.

In the recent past, these predators often lived side by side, but excessive hunting and environmental changes by humans have drastically reduced their ranges. It is also known that in the Indian Gir Forest, both tigers and lions still live, although they tend to avoid each other.

For millennia, lions and tigers have been used as pets, trophies, attractions, and even as gladiators.

The general consensus is that tigers are more likely to win lions, as they are larger and stronger.

Хто сильніший за лева? Топ-7 найнебезпечніших хижаків

Amur tiger (photo: Wikipedia)


These are the largest land animals currently living. Only the youngest and sickest elephants can be the target of predator attacks, which are still rare.

Many fights between lions and elephants have been recorded and analyzed. These are usually territorial disputes involving desperate lionesses hunting elephant calves. Such battles typically end with the lions being injured and retreating.

Хто сильніший за лева? Топ-7 найнебезпечніших хижаків

Elephants are not afraid of predators (photo: Wikipedia)

African buffalo

This animal is not as widely known as the rhinoceros or elephant, but the African buffalo is large, strong, and highly aggressive. This is why lions only approach buffaloes in groups, and even then, only in extreme cases.

Buffaloes are on average significantly heavier and larger than rhinos. Moreover, they are known for their territorial behavior and aggression.

Хто сильніший за лева? Топ-7 найнебезпечніших хижаків

Herd of buffalo (photo: Wikipedia)


There is only one animal in Africa that kills more than any other - the hippopotamus.

A hippo attack led to the deaths of 13 people, including 12 children, in a boat near the Niger capital Niamey, reported ABC News in 2014. The hippo capsized the boat and killed all its passengers one after another.

Hippos are considered the most aggressive animals in Africa. Furthermore, they are aggressive enough to go on the offensive. They push out any predators from their territory, whether they are actively hunting or not.

Хто сильніший за лева? Топ-7 найнебезпечніших хижаків

A hippo in a zoo (photo: Wikipedia)