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Strike at Polish border: Ukrainian carriers outline solutions

Strike at Polish border: Ukrainian carriers outline solutions Photo: Volodymyr Balin, Vice President of the Association of International Carriers of Ukraine (

Currently, Ukraine is exploring all possible avenues to address the issue of the blockade of the Polish border. One of them, for example, involves an official appeal to Poland, says Vice President of the Association of International Carriers Volodymyr Balin during a briefing.

Balin noted that there is an understanding today that the local authorities have granted permission for a strike on the Polish border. Currently, the Ukrainian side has not seen these permits, and lawyers are working to obtain copies.

"If there is permission for a strike, because everything that happened yesterday at 'Krakovets' was more like a strike. When trucks were parked, not hindering the movement of others, with signs saying 'Stop striking, let's work.' Roughly speaking. Our international carrier colleagues carried out such a warning action without blocking the road. The same should be on the Polish border," explained the Vice President of the Association of International Carriers.

The strikers have promised to allow certain types of goods to cross the border. This includes humanitarian aid and other dangerous cargoes, such as fuel. However, relevant authorities are documenting violations of this promise, as the mentioned trucks continue to stand in the general queue. All these facts of blockade are being reported to the authorities of Poland, and Ukraine hopes that the police will react to the violation of strike conditions.

What are the ways to solve the problem?

Ukraine and the European Commission officially and unofficially address Poland regarding the border blockade, urging the Warsaw government to revoke the aforementioned permits, which are considered illegal. However, the Polish government is currently in the stage of formation and is unlikely to address this issue.

In particular, Ukraine is also prepared to turn to the court after obtaining all legal grounds, statements, and decisions regarding the blockade.

At the same time, Balin could not provide an answer to how long it might take to resolve the issue of the border blockade.

Border blockade by Polish carriers

Last week, Polish carriers began blocking three checkpoints on the border with Ukraine. On November 16, they rejected the joint proposals of the European Commission, Ukraine, and Poland and refused to end the strike. Their main demand is a return to the permit system for our country.

Meanwhile, the European Commission may initiate criminal proceedings against Poland if the authorities do not resolve the issue of blocking the checkpoints on the border with Ukraine.