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State Department acknowledges Israel's challenge in fully defeating Hamas

State Department acknowledges Israel's challenge in fully defeating Hamas US Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell (photo:

Israel will not achieve a complete victory in its fight against Hamas in the Palestinian enclave of the Gaza Strip. Many countries around the world lean towards a political resolution of the conflict, respecting the rights of Palestinians, states US Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell.

"In some respects, we are struggling over what the theory of victory is. Sometimes when we listen closely to Israeli leaders, they talk about mostly the idea of….a sweeping victory on the battlefield, total victory," he said at a NATO youth summit in Miami.

Comparing the situation in Gaza to the insurgent movements the US faced in Afghanistan and Iraq following the invasions after the September 11, 2001 attacks, Campbell believes a political solution is necessary.

"I think we view that there has to be more of a political solution…What’s different from the past in that sense, many countries want to move towards a political solution in which the rights of Palestinians are more respected. I don’t think it’s ever been more difficult than right now," he said.

The Times of Israel notes that while US officials have called on Israel to help develop a clear post-war management plan for Gaza, Campbell's comments are the clearest to date from a senior American official who essentially acknowledges that Israel's current military strategy will not achieve the desired result.

Situation in the Gaza Strip

At the beginning of the year, the US, Egypt, and Qatar proposed a new peace plan for the Middle East. According to it, the conflicting parties release and exchange hostages, and Israel withdraws its troops from the Gaza Strip and ceases military operations against Hamas.

However, ceasefire negotiations are still ongoing and have not been successful yet.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly promised to achieve complete victory over Hamas.

Meanwhile, Israel has already launched attacks on the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip and the northern areas of the enclave.

The UK Foreign Office noted that an attack on Rafah would violate international law and strengthen Hamas.

President Joe Biden said that a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip could start as early as tomorrow if terrorists release all hostages.