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Stabbing incident occurred at church in Australia - Police called it a terrorist act

Stabbing incident occurred at church in Australia - Police called it a terrorist act The Australian police are treating the church attack as a terrorist act (photo: Getty Images)

In Sydney (Australia), four people, including a bishop, were injured on Monday during a knife attack at an Assyrian church service. Police today, April 16, called the incident a terrorist act, according to The Sydney Morning Herald and Reuters.

According to representatives of the country's law enforcement agencies, the attack at the Christ the Good Shepherd Church in the Sydney suburb of Wakeley was a terrorist act motivated by suspicions of religious extremism.

On Monday, police arrested a teenager at the scene. He had to be detained in the church to ensure safety, as the incident sparked protests and clashes outside the temple between law enforcement officers and an angry crowd of the bishop's followers demanding the release of the person suspected in the attack.

As Australian media notes, the local authorities' recognition of yesterday's church attack as a terrorist attack allows the police to use extraordinary powers in the investigation.

Under New South Wales terrorism laws, once the police commissioner and police minister have been appointed, officers are granted special powers to investigate or prevent an attack for the next 14 days.

Police can stop and search people and vehicles, demand the disclosure of individuals' identities, enter and search premises and vehicles, or establish a cordon, such as a checkpoint around the target area - all without a warrant.

Another case of a knife attack in Sydney

Last week, a man stabbed several people at the Westfield Bondi Junction shopping center in Sydney. The attack resulted in the death of six people. The perpetrator was shot dead by law enforcement. According to police, the attacker acted alone.

In addition to the six fatalities, several other people were hospitalized in critical condition, including a baby.