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Spathiphyllum will never stop flowering if you place plant here

Spathiphyllum will never stop flowering if you place plant here Photo: What to do to make spathiphyllum bloom (
Author: Daryna Vialko

The plant spathiphyllum, also known as a Peace lily, can grow in most rooms of your house, but to flower well, it needs to be placed in a specific location, reports Express.

What is known about spathiphyllum

Due to its excellent adaptation to apartment environments and minimal care requirements, spathiphyllum has gained special popularity. It is often believed that this plant can make a woman happier and the home cozier.

Where to place the plant

Houseplants have the most beautiful leaves and abundant white flowers when blooming.

Known by the botanical name Spathiphyllum, they are undemanding plants that are perfect for indoor conditions.

With proper care and conditions, the plants bloom freely throughout the year. Their long-lasting white bloom lasts for a month or more. One of the most important factors necessary for full bloom is the location, as lighting is crucial for them.

These indoor plants require bright light but not direct sunlight.

"They need a lot of light, but not direct sunlight, water only when the soil becomes dry at the bottom, not the top," say experts.

Water the spathiphyllum as soon as you see the leaves drooping, but ideally do not flood the soil, as this creates stress for the plant.

According to experts, the plant loves a place near the doors. The flowers feel good in low-light conditions.