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Some in Russia support tougher approach to war against Ukraine

Some in Russia support tougher approach to war against Ukraine British intelligence has published a new report on the war in Ukraine (photo: Getty Images)

According to British intelligence, there are forces in Russia that advocate a tougher approach to the war against Ukraine. In particular, the nationalist Fraternity of Academics movement of Konstantin Malofeyev, owner of the Tsargrad TV channel.

"This organization (Malofeyev's - ed.) has cells in various Russian universities and adheres to a militantly imperialist outlook. The Fraternity believes that the 21st century can become a golden century of Russian culture with Russian ideological dominance on a global scale," British intelligence said.

According to British intelligence, the Fraternity has organized its own military training and some members of the organization have already gone to fight against Ukraine.

"The existence of this movement makes clear that there is a constituency in Russia for a more militant approach towards both the war on Ukraine and the West. This will likely have an impact on the generational turnover that is likely to take place in the Russian administrative elites over the rest of this decade," the intelligence noted.

Earlier, British intelligence said that the Kremlin had taken control of all mercenary groups fighting against Ukraine.

The Russians are also recruiting Africans to fight in Ukraine. British intelligence believes that Africans should replace Russian prisoners at the front.