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Social media dependency: Signs you might be over-attached

Social media dependency: Signs you might be over-attached How to recognize social media addiction (photo: Freepik)

Social networks are a means of communication that helps us stay connected even with people thousands of kilometers away. However, excessive attachment to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter harms people. Psychologist Yulia Padun, discusses how to recognize social media dependency.

Signs indicating social media dependency

If you spend too much time on social networks, you are not alone. Although social media was initially created as a way to communicate with friends and family, it has evolved into an all-encompassing obsession that affects all age groups and has led to true addiction for many," says the psychologist.

She notes that there is no official diagnosis of "social media addiction."

"However, today, social media abuse is becoming an increasingly widespread phenomenon and can have serious consequences for your physical and mental health," emphasizes Padun.

Indicators of social media dependency include:

  • Procrastinating at work or during studies due to frequent browsing of digital content, news, social media, videos, etc.
  • Checking social media even during other activities, such as meetings with friends, family conversations, meals, or bathroom breaks.
  • Turning to social media to escape from reality or one's thoughts.
  • Getting irritated when unable to check social media.
  • Frequently thinking about social media.
  • Worrying that something will happen while offline and trying to be online almost constantly to avoid missing out.

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