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Slovaks raise nearly 2 million euros for ammunition for Ukrainian soldiers

Slovaks raise nearly 2 million euros for ammunition for Ukrainian soldiers Photo: Slovaks have raised almost 2 million euros to buy ammunition for the Ukrainian soldiers (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Citizens of Slovakia managed to raise about 2 million euros to purchase shells for Ukraine as part of the Czech initiative. This was done in a few days, as reported by Sky News.

The Slovak authorities refused to join the Czech government's initiative to provide ammunition for Ukraine, but despite this, the Slovaks decided to raise money on their own.

"When I heard about the Czech government's initiative, I was very pleased to hear that all ways are being sought to help Ukraine defend itself against the aggressor because there is no other way," said Otto Simko, a 99-year-old journalist, and Holocaust survivor, one of the organizers of the fundraiser for the shells.

He also emphasized that the Russian troops must be expelled from Ukraine so that peace on fair terms can be discussed.

Slovakia stopped providing military assistance to Ukraine after the pro-Russian party led by Robert Fico won parliamentary elections in the country. Fico later became the Prime Minister.

Bratislava continues to provide only humanitarian aid and participates in demining Ukrainian territory.

Based on this position, the Slovak government criticized the Czech initiative, which found about a million units of ammunition for Ukraine and seeks funds among allies for the purchase.

Fundraising in Slovakia

Yesterday, April 18, it became known that within a few days of launching the initiative for ammunition for Ukrainian defenders, Slovaks managed to raise nearly 700 thousand euros.

Already, this amount has more than doubled. The organizers of the fundraising emphasized that they cannot accept the position of their pro-Russian government regarding assistance to Ukraine.